Serious Things

Alex really takes his play seriously. A friend from Chess Club mentioned it yesterday while watching him run around and it got me thinking. I never ever ever start ANYTHING in the morning until he has had time to play. He usually wanders in after 30 minutes adn then we can begin. If we have to leave early in the morning, I try to remember to warn him the night before that he will not have time to play in the morning. Otherwise he looses it. We were playing a math game this morning. He was totally into it and over-the top excited. We finished, I turn around, and he is gone! Off to play……LOL. Like I said: very serious. I have also noticed that if we go out to an activity or class or play date, I really need to make sure that we have time for independent play at home before we do anything else. He seems to need that down time. I like that about homeschooling; we have a lot more flexibility. He would not have time to play before a regular school day. Well, he could but it would not be as relaxed. I do worry that I am not teaching him to be industrious enough but at the same time I think he will only be 6 for one year. Soon enough, he will grow up. The last 6 years sure did fly by!

Here is a great article on play and its importance.

And here is a plug for our library system! I really wanted to read a book that they did not have. So, I asked if there was any way I could get it (I was thinking inter library loan) and she wrote up a request for me. A few weeks later, poof! I get an email saying it is on hold ready to be picked up. What is this book you ask? It is on this very topic. I read another book by her while I was waiting for this one. It was quite engaging and eye opening. (hehehe…I just learned how to link articles and what not. I promise that is the last one for this entry. It is kind of fun though!)


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