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I am wondering today how competent I am to home school. I was trained to teach first grade but I just feel so stupid sometimes. There is so much I do not know! Honestly, I felt this way when I was teaching too. But we taught the lessons and picked the themes so I could “bone up” on the topic before presenting it. Plus most of the time we were doing Reading and Math. Of course, subjects came up that I was unfamiliar with and/or just didn’t feel completely confident to discuss but not as many as now. Jeez. Alex has questions about everything and I feel like I am constantly saying “I am not sure,” and “We will have to look that up when we get home.” Which I forget. Something is nagging at me that I was supposed to look up adn I forgot 🙂 Thankfully, I am sure it will come up again…LOL. Hopefully my kid doesn’t think his mother in a bumbling idiot. Thank goodness we have the internet. How did anyone manage to homeschool before then? LOL. But I am serious too.

I thought I had the whole should I have Alex memorize debate settled in my mind. I decided that he does memorize things. Books I read to him mostly. I have never had him recite anything but I can tell becasue he is reading along under his breath or throws a line out in regular conversation. Then I read In Defense of Memorization . I should not be swayed so easily! I suppose it is time to do some more research on this subject. It all just sounds so….Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Praire to me…….


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  1. Lelani Says:

    You are doing fine! Alex is a bright and capable boy. I understand your feelings though. You know I always whine. Sometimes I think you are my long lost twin, separated at birth. LOL


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