We had a good day today despite my being very tired and cranky. I am not sleeping well. We went to my mom’s which we are going to try to do every Friday morning. She will watch Ian while I work with Alex and then hopefully we will all have time to visit. Today Alex and I decided to work on learning how to ride his bike. He did really well! I was nervous that my mom and step dad would think it weird that that is what we chose to work on as opposed to school work, but they didn’t blink an eye. Just came out to watch and went about their day. Well, Papa had to put the chain on the bike…lol. The boys found some rocks later so my mom is going to take us down to the beach next week and see what we can find. It is great to have such a supportive family! My mom, dad and in laws have all just jumped right in!

We ran some errands after we unsuccessfully tried to nap Ian and picked up some books from the library. We have been listening to Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling in the car and Greek Myths at home. Both are read by Jim Weiss who is wonderful!! I like the books on tape in the car- makes me feel like I am doing something educational..LOL.


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