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November 4, 2008

Today we read a Scholastic News on the presidents and Alex wrote a little about himself.  I found out he does not want to be president and would vote for McCain since he looks the closest to him.  Guess that is as good a reason as any.  LOL.  His favorite food is rice cakes, his favorite book is Make Way for Ducklings and his favorite activity is playing the Wii.  We read Harriet’s Halloween Candy and then we sorted and graphed his candy.  Then we ate some 🙂  He also completed a November calendar and did some addition and subration (“election math”).  I am thinking about buying Make Way for Ducklings for him.  Maybe for Christmas.  The copy we have is old, from the thrift store and Ian ripped it.  That was a sad day.  We went to the park too this afternoon.   I forgot that we have a doctor’s appointment in the morning so the things I wanted to get done, I will not be able to.  Such is life.

We passed our inspection!  Yay!



November 3, 2008

I have had so many ideas on what to write but when it came right down to it, I was too tired …..and lazy :-).  We had a great Halloween.  We went to a friend’s house for dinner, play and then trick or treating and finally more play!  The day before we had a wonderful party with our co-op!  We played pin the wart on the witch, decorated treat bags, and ate snacks.  Here are some of the activities Alex and I did the weeks leading up to the big day

Origami Bats

Very Creepy Spider Web

This was fun and easy!  Alex made a dot with the pencil near the middle of the paper.  Then he drew lines out from that toward the top, bottom, left, right.  Then he drew circles.  I showed him how to trace all that with the glue and we let it dry over night.  Then he took chalk pastels and colored it.  This from a guy who usually colors one inch and announces he is done!  The spider we made from left over scraps from the bats.

I am too tired to figure out how to straighten this.  Turn your head to the side.

I am too tired to figure out how to straighten this. Turn your head to the side.

Haunted House

We have been busy!  ANd now I hear the baby……