Checking In

Today our “schooly” stuff was reading out loud (directions), writing a poem, and lots and lots of independent reading. We tried unsuccessfully to put together a parole…LOL. Our hs group did a unit on Philippine Christmas. I was glad because I meant to do more with countries and traditions this Christmas and somehow just did not.

We spent a great deal of time creeping around the house shooting bad guys. I was bored out of my mind. And I was impressed today with Alex’s patience with his brother. He was so sweet while we put him to bed.

I am afraid tomorrow is going to be rough as I am dragging them all over town on Christmas errands.


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  1. Amanda Says:

    Hmm….sounds like a busy productive day! Hope you got the bad guys and thanks for sending me this link. It’s neat to read about all you all are doing!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Oh I hope those errands went well. I forgot to tell you when we talked, how much I have noticed Alex reading!! He is a lot like you too, because when I tried to talk to him he didn’t hear me. LOL. I am impressed with his desire and interest in books…but not surprised. That little guy has always liked to cuddle up to a good book and had parents (and aunties 🙂 happy to oblige.

    I hope today’s errands go well too.

  3. k8gregory Says:

    I still think of the two of you reading some kind of dinosaur encyclopedia when he was like 3 years old! Other than LOSING my car, the errands went great. We walked up and down S3 for so long, then S2, finally we found it on S4. One of thosee moments where you realize I am the grown up here, I can not freak out. Thorpe said I need to start taking a picture of where I park…..LOL.

  4. Amanda Says:

    Yes, that encyclopedia was LOOOOONG too, but he loved it. There was a time he asked for it each visit. Shew.

    LOL on the parking thing. At least you were in a deck, I lost my car in the grocery lot recently and felt like such a dweeb-o. A picture could be helpful. LMAO

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