Although A reads a lot on his own, he rarely reads to me.  It was a fight each time and I decided to hold off for a while.  A friend mentioned that her child was getting into the A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy.  I got the first one from the library and deemed it our new reader.  I was met with resistance at first but today he read willingly 🙂  and well! 🙂  I am very happy! I worry that he is not learning new words when he is reading by himself ; maybe he just skips around.  But I think my fear is unfounded.  I am going to finish this book with him and see if he wants to continue the series.


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  1. Amanda Says:

    Ooh let me know if he likes that series….sounds interesting. If he is anything like his other family members he’ll love a good mystery 🙂 I know I skipped around words a lot when I was little. Knowing A though, he would ask about a word, he is so inquisitive.

    BTW I loved seeing you all today. It did my spirits well 🙂

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