A Mother’s Prayer:

Dear God, Today I have not yelled, criticized, gossiped, or said “I told you so” and for that I am grateful. But, God, they are going to wake up any minute now and I know I will need your help from then on. Thank you.

LOL. Something like that was written in a new book I got from the library today. It makes me laugh. I know, doesn’t take much.

The book is called the Busy Toddler book and I am quite excited. I have GOT to get things for Ian to do. I can not even read Alex a story in peace without that child doing *something*. It is very frustrating indeed!

Yesterday, A was jumping up and down ready to do his Number of the Day. Yay! Eight

The Count

When we make it to 100, we are going to have a party. I know that we are going to make a cake in the shape of 100 and decorate it with 100 pieces of candy. I am trying to think of other activities we can do, but I am hoping that our friends can come over. Alex wants a special snack for the tens so I think I will get donuts for the 0. Not sure about the 1 yet. For 8 (pictured), he did a few addition problems, a subtraction problem, roman numeral. The animals are an octopus and spider (8 legs) and the shape is an octagon. For other numbers, we have done tally marks, domino dots, dice dots, and more. We review a lot of concepts!


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  1. Amanda Says:

    Wow! That is so cool that Alex is excited about his numbers of the day. Do I even see a roman numeral 8? Can I hire you to homeschool Lily? Too bad we don’t live closer. I do know about toddlers getting into everything, I hope the book serves as a good resource.

    Can I just say that 100 pieces of candy on a cake = the coolest thing I’ve heard all day! I bet that’s one of those things that he’ll remember when he’s all grown that you all did together.

    Also, did you take these pictures on the phone? Sweet

  2. k8gregory Says:

    Yes I did- on the phone, that is. Dad still has my camera! You can come down for our party!!!! It will be in April; maybe we will save you a piece of cake.

    How is your headache? You sound so tired. Make sure you rest this weekend!

  3. Amanda Says:

    That’s neat that you can update us with pics straight from the phone. Did I tell you that we left our camera at Dad’s too? Like sister….like sister. LOL

    Let me know the date in April. I’m so there!

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