How Annoying

Last night I *know* I wrote something up……..

Anyway. Alex taught me this experiment yesterday when we were reading about hair, skin, and nails. He saw it on Bill Nye but it is the same thing. He was even able to tell his dad why it did what it did!

I have been really working on keeping Ian busy and giving him something to do. It is not easy! That child is into everything! We made a choo-choo yesterday (3 boxes and string) and today he will paint it. Because “failing to plan is planning to fail.” I do have to make sure to have a way to include Ian though. On that note, these are hilarious.

We are still working in The Math Chef. Alex is doing really well with it.


2 Responses to “How Annoying”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    I feel your pain about keeping the munchkins entertained while trying to teach the older ones! We had a time with that today!

  2. Amanda Says:

    LMAO, those are funny. Sums things up pretty well.

    That experiment is pretty cool, and I am very impressed that Alex knows about these things. What a smarty pants.

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