A Good Day

We did not get a whole lot done but it was one of those days where I just fell in love with my kids. They can be so sweet and cute!

We spent the morning trying to make a spy scope……I failed miserably. LOL. And I fought the good fight with my printer, but again, failed. I would be discouraged but instead just turned both over to my back up-hubby :). The kids were semi-behaved while I was focused on all that so I think that helped my frustration level a lot.

Ian and I worked on one to one correspondence with rocks and an empty egg carton. He was having a grand time. The only problem is I have rocks all over the house. *shaking head*

While Ian napped, Alex and I curled up on the couch and read about the human body. When you think about it, our bodies really are amazing. I should appreciate it more I think. So far our human body “unit” has been just reading and one movie. The movie was boring though so it does not count. I feel like it is lame but he seems happy and I do have a few activities planned (damn printer!…..who am I kidding?- damn procrastination trait!)

Alex was using the cart in the grocery store as his personal jungle gym and showing me how he was doing his tricks. He said, “If I was younger I could do that easier” You lose flexibility as you grow, you know. It was just cute to hear that out of his mouth.

It was nice that everyone was content today!


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