Alex told me tonight that he does not like the idea of going to school because all you do is sit. LOL I told him that was not exactly true but he persists in his belief because Taylor told him so. That is why he does not want to go to school. Not because of all the wonderful learning opportunities. Not because of all the free time. Not because he loves being with his family. But because he doesn’t want to sit all day.

Can’t really blame him there. LOL. 🙂

I asked him if he wanted to hs for second grade or go to school and he said he was not sure. That, I think, is why it is on his mind. I did not try too hard to talk him out of his thoughts because I like homeschooling and would like to go ahead for another year at least.

There is a certain appeal though to sending him off to school. The biggest, for me, is time alone (Ian does nap so I would have time every day!) and less driving around. I did not realize how much driving around we would be doing! It would be nice to send him off to have those social needs met all at once.

All this has made me think of the reasons we wanted to homeschool in the first place. I think it started when I realized how much time kids spend in school. He would spend more time with strangers than with his own family! Also, all that wasted time-lining up, morning work, attendance, lunch, announcements, buses…ugh! He would have to review, review, review. Alex picks up on things relatively easily and I worry it would bore him to tears to go over something as many times as they have to in school. Busy work. Like how half the time they give out those sheets designed to keep them quiet so the teacher can work with small groups. I like that he is spending time with his family and has the time to pursue his own interests. He has time to play.

Finding the balance between challenging him and letting him still be 6 is hard. Meeting his needs and Ian’s is also difficult. I have tried, but I think Ian gets his ignored more than I want to admit. Half the time I am dragging him out of the house when it is clearly time for him to nap. And me- I am soooo not a social butterfly. I am part of a great co-op but the other classes and things make me anxious. He just started basketball which seems ok and Tiger Scouts which he LOVES. He starts another class in February.

Today we did paint Ian’s train but A helped so it was not as productive as I had hoped. I was not in the mood to argue really so decided this would be a more relaxed day. I read to him but he did not read to me. He is reading me the Beatrix Potter books. I like them because they always have new vocabulary words. I am going to have a game ready for Ian when we start tomorrow. Stay tuned……..


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