Happy MLK Day

I had the gushy, mushy post saying how much I love my children a few days ago.

Today we had the polar opposite kind of day! Shew. Our morning was a definite Calgon commercial type day.

We had Co-Op which turned out to be a good thing because it gave us some space I think. Even better, when we got home I slept which REALLY helped my piece of mind! My husband had off.

After I woke up, Alex had some friends over and wanted to do an egg crash test. Here is the lone survivor who, unfortunately, met his untimely demise soon after this photo.

Got your curiosity up didn’t I? The idea was for the egg to go down the slide in the car without breaking. We found out he needs a helmet and seat belt. We ran out of eggs before we could try other heights or ramps. I have a feeling we will be doing it again as it was a HUGE hit. Not that we got the idea ourselves. Alex saw it on Crash, Bang, Splat! and wanted to try it. It was fun though!


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