In the spirit of continuing to get out of Alex’s way and let him do his own thing:
That is his cave. He made it all by himself. I helped some with the bats because he wanted me too. The cups and string are soon to be stalactite and stalagmites. Pretty cool I think. He was so cute running back and forth and back and forth and then when I see it, there is a black piece of construction paper, a stream, and 2 rocks….LOL. Oh- the paper there…..that is a funny story. He announces we will need to keep track of the days since we read it will take about 12 days for them to form. We will count today as DAY 1 according to Alex. I am secretly *very* happy and relieved. He is doing well with reading but writing? Not so much. And so I was (this is really embarrassing…lol) patting myself on the back about what a good idea it was NOT to push him on it and OF COURSE he will come around on his own……..turns out that that stack is a count down. He numbered each page and when it has passed we rip off the top sheet……LOL. So not only is there no writing but now it looks as if I need to have a talk about wasting paper….LOL. Nothing like a child to humble you pretty quickly :-).

We read some of Vicki Cobb today and had a good time with her experiments on fooling your senses. Oh! And we made bread! I was pretty proud and Alex was stoked. It will be something we try again.


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  1. lelani Says:

    Keona is very impressed and can’t wait to see it!

  2. Dad Says:

    Really enjoy your site. Love you all,

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