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February 18, 2009

I am so tired today (too tired to come up with a catchy title!). What is it about a toddler that is so exhausting!? We went on a tour of Central Library today and I was beat after. The thing is, he stayed in his stroller the whole time! Even with that, I was spent :-). Gotta love him! He nearly found me out tonight too.

We were at the grocery store and he was grabbing at something I did not want him to bother so I told him to stop. He looked at me. And right then I thought “Or what? What was I going to do if he did not stop. Nothing, that is what. There is going to be a mutiny!” I thoughtthis but did not actually say it. But then I remembered I can’t think this way! Kids can smell the fear. So I hardened my stare and willed him to behave. He put his hand down and cried. Shew. I did not actually skip down the aisle but, man, I felt like it. LOL.

This made me smile today:

Boot camp? Jedi training? Daddy working out?



February 13, 2009

We made Valentine cards in the spirit of Jim Dine. I got these ideas from Art Projects For Kids which is a great site!!!! She explains it better than I also.

Alex liked this one:

We took a piece of cardboard (cereal box) and covered one side with glue. We put a piece of aluminum foil on it, shiny side up. Alex drew a heart and then drew 3-4 lines to separate. He used permanent markers to color each section.
This one was not as fun for him. I think it turned out nice though.

Color hearts with crayon. Choose one water color for background. Dry then paint rubber cement over, not over the whole thing just pieces here and there. Then choose a color that contrasts the first and paint over the whole thing. The rubber cement was will protect the original color. He did like that part. He spent some time drawing Doctor Octopus and then painting over him with rubber cement to preserve the drawing. Anyway, after that is dry, outline the hearts with oil pastels to make them stand out. I think it would have looked nicer if the hearts were bigger.


Why is it called “home”schooling?

February 13, 2009

We are certainly never home.

I have been thinking a lot about our current schedule. Here it is:

Monday- Co-op (mostly play and craft), basketball practice

Tuesday-Co-op (formal classes), grandparent visit then they take him to piano, cub scouts

Wednesday-Game Day (really, it is a few hours not a day but game hour sounds lame…..LOL)


Friday-My mom’s in the morning and Dad’s in the afternoon.



Alex goes to the YMCA Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings also.

I have been worried that we are doing too much. When you put it out like that though looks like our busy day is really just Tuesday. And, truthfully, if we feel too crazy we can always switch stuff around. He wants to take swimming and gymnastics too but I told him he has to wait until after basketball. I have never thought of Alex as a particularly “social” child. I do not mean he is anti-social at all but he enjoys his time alone. I have noticed too that he enjoys his time with his friends and groups of children. I think that is where I am struggling- balancing his need for independent time, friends, and belonging to groups in addition to Ian’s and mine-I get really sick of driving around all the time-…..and ,hey, this is homeSCHOOLING- we need to have some time for that in there too! LOL. Actually we have been doing a lot of schooly stuff. At the same time, I am getting anxious about finishing our Math curriculum and finding time for all the things I want to read aloud to him. I feel so scattered. I tried writing a schedule this week and that helped somewhat. I think I am going to map out what I would like to have done the next few months.


February 5, 2009

It is cold!!! And early!!! All I want to do is curl up with a blanket and read a good book. Silently, to myself. *sigh* The children have other ideas. Alex might go for it, but the idea of anyone relaxing around Ian is actually laughable. We got a bunch of books from the library. Alex has almost finished The Canary Capers. I am excited about another Gooney book (dork!) and we also got some Magic School Bus chapter books. I do not know how they will go over. Alex met them with mild interest which, with him, is equivalent to ecstatic.

I have been thinking a lot about pushing vs. challenging vs. not challenging. I am not sure what I think! Sometimes I think I am not requiring enough of him. I read what other children his age are doing and I feel guilty. At the same time, he is 6! There is time for all that. Lots and lots of time. So I go back to leaving him alone for the most part. Then I start to think I am not doing enough. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I am back at the end of the day. It turned out to be a good one 🙂 Alex read a lot, (a lot!) and we even played a game while the baby slept. Also he wrote a fable! Ok. That might be stretching it a little, but he wrote a sentence! The kids in Gooney The Fabulous are writing fables and I got inspired to write one myself and so did A. Small steps!! I am reading some of Aesop’s fables to him also so it all ties in which is weird and cool.

Learning New Things

February 2, 2009

I learned something new last week. Maybe not NEW NEW but…….Alex wanted to wear his cub scout uniform this Saturday for his Pinewood Derby race. I put it off and put it off because that is what I *always* do when I can’t do something right (read perfectly or easily). I had to sew on a bazillion patches. I finally got one done, after several false starts. By the second one I was ready to scream adn throw the whole thing in the trash. I was seriously that frustrated! My mom showed me a more effective way of sewing them on and the last few went a lot better. It had me thinking though that learning something new is not always fun. It can be hard and annoying and VERY VERY FRUSTRATING. Something I need to remember when asking Alex to do things he does not feel confident about.

Alex comes up with at least one experiment a day. Usually it is when he sees some material that is needed and then gathers the other things to show me. Here is one he did the other day (As Seen On TV):

He repeated it a lot! It was cool. There is water in the cup.