Why is it called “home”schooling?

We are certainly never home.

I have been thinking a lot about our current schedule. Here it is:

Monday- Co-op (mostly play and craft), basketball practice

Tuesday-Co-op (formal classes), grandparent visit then they take him to piano, cub scouts

Wednesday-Game Day (really, it is a few hours not a day but game hour sounds lame…..LOL)


Friday-My mom’s in the morning and Dad’s in the afternoon.



Alex goes to the YMCA Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings also.

I have been worried that we are doing too much. When you put it out like that though looks like our busy day is really just Tuesday. And, truthfully, if we feel too crazy we can always switch stuff around. He wants to take swimming and gymnastics too but I told him he has to wait until after basketball. I have never thought of Alex as a particularly “social” child. I do not mean he is anti-social at all but he enjoys his time alone. I have noticed too that he enjoys his time with his friends and groups of children. I think that is where I am struggling- balancing his need for independent time, friends, and belonging to groups in addition to Ian’s and mine-I get really sick of driving around all the time-…..and ,hey, this is homeSCHOOLING- we need to have some time for that in there too! LOL. Actually we have been doing a lot of schooly stuff. At the same time, I am getting anxious about finishing our Math curriculum and finding time for all the things I want to read aloud to him. I feel so scattered. I tried writing a schedule this week and that helped somewhat. I think I am going to map out what I would like to have done the next few months.


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