I am so tired today (too tired to come up with a catchy title!). What is it about a toddler that is so exhausting!? We went on a tour of Central Library today and I was beat after. The thing is, he stayed in his stroller the whole time! Even with that, I was spent :-). Gotta love him! He nearly found me out tonight too.

We were at the grocery store and he was grabbing at something I did not want him to bother so I told him to stop. He looked at me. And right then I thought “Or what? What was I going to do if he did not stop. Nothing, that is what. There is going to be a mutiny!” I thoughtthis but did not actually say it. But then I remembered I can’t think this way! Kids can smell the fear. So I hardened my stare and willed him to behave. He put his hand down and cried. Shew. I did not actually skip down the aisle but, man, I felt like it. LOL.

This made me smile today:

Boot camp? Jedi training? Daddy working out?


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