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Math Challenge

March 26, 2009

We got a new Math book- Primary Grade Challenge Math and let me tell you that thing is hard. Alex is really enjoying it! He told me today he loved it because it was challenging. It really makes me wonder if I need to change our math program or skip ahead. At first, he needed me to walk him through the problems but today he figured out many with minimal interference from me. I have been working on keeping my mouth shut and letting him think. He told me last week I did not give him enough time to think. Quite honestly, he was right (***bag over head*****)

We are only doing level one for now; those are hard enough. An example of today’s problem: If apples cost $4 for each pound how much does $1 worth of apples weigh?

He figured it out by figuring a half a pound is $2 and half of that is $1 so it is a quarter of a pound. It was kind of cool because while he was thinking, I was trying to figure out how to draw it and that was not the way I was thinking. I am also pleased because in order to solve the problems he is writing and drawing.

We have been swimming a lot. There is something endearing about watching him flail around in the water. And Ian! He is also loving the pool. He is too cute to watch!


Book reviews

March 24, 2009

Jullie of the wolves– I remembered it as an adventure story and part one is just that. Part 2 started to explain what led her to running away and thankfully I got curious and looked up the chapter summaries. Put on the list for later reading!!!! *sigh* Now I need a book on tape. Recommendations?

Deconstructing Penguins: The authors say that “books are like puzzles” and it is up to us (the readers) to figure out what the author is trying to say. They go through the steps to help you figure it out. I actually had a brief discussion with Alex about Mr. Popper’s Penguins which went okay. We talked about the setting, protagonist, antagonist, climax, and themes. I am excited to look into parent/child book clubs!

Building Class

March 24, 2009

Alex started a new class this semester called Architecture and Building. The teacher came and found me today because she wanted to make sure that Alex was enjoying the class and was feeling good about what he was doing. Last week she felt like he left feeling sad and discouraged because his project fell apart. She was worried since he seems frustrated and was thinking some of it has to do with him being a little more quiet than the other children. He does not shout out for help when his project isn’t going as it should. She brought extra supplies so he could play around with building the project at home. I just thought that was so sweet and I was happy that Alex has teachers that care. No wonder he loves the class.

A Day in the Life

March 8, 2009

6:00 Wake up and watch TV. We watched 2 Magic School Bus episodes. It is a lot I know. Sometimes I am better about turning it off after 1. I usually have to have at least one show as I need some time to inject caffeine into my system.

7:00 Play for a bit (legos for Alex, trains for Ian, cleaning for me, out the door for Daddy) then breakfast and chores. Alex had a tough morning in that there was a lot of crying, not wanting to get dressed or play the piano, etc. He finished his whittling project and was quite proud.

9:00 Outside–When I finally looked at what he was doing I was bemused. He was moving blocks of ice from one side of the yard to another. Why? I don’t know…..why do people run marathons? Whatever the reason, it was what he needed because he came in after an hour in a much better mood. He played nicely with his brother-weighing different objects and then catapulting them across the room and asked for a snack which he got himself.
10:00 Snack—Sometimes on Thursdays at this time we go to story time and get new books. Today we have a vet appt for Spirit so we have to skip story time. I hope to go after though because we are running short on books for Alex. We then read some books and a chapter out of Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

11:00 Vet appointment. Alex read while we waited. And waited and waited. Anyone who has or had an active toddler knows that waiting 30 minutes is agony. We went over all the animal pictures, did their sounds, read magazines, and who knows what else several hundred times. They finally called us back and did their exam. Somehow Ian managed to fall off the chair he was sitting on but thankfully he landed on our coats. They told us we would need to wait another 20 minutes for the x ray to be done. We went next door to the park. They played on the structures some but they were largely ignored in favor of the picnic table (AKA as the mountain) and running randomly around.
12:00- We saw the cat’s skeleton adn learned she has arthritis :(. $309.00. yeah.

At this point I know I should go home and let Ian take a nap. We have plans to meet up with friends at the park. At the same time I really wanted to swing by the library this week and there is no way tomorrow will work or this weekend. Sooo…….off we go! Dropped the cat off, neighbor came over to remind me to let his dog in later so we chatted a minute. We listed to Julie of the Wolves on the way. Ian fell asleep so we picked up lunch and ate at the park next to the library while Ian slept in the car. He woke up and the 2 were off again. I corralled them pretty quickly though so we could get those books and get home.

Once we did that (I am sparing you the details of going to a library with a 2 year old) we came home and Alex finished his piano while I searched again for a lost item. While I was ripping the kitchen apart Ian took that as an opportunity to get into the cat food. They look like balls so…….ugh. All over. I did not find the item either. Alex was sweet and offered to help me clean it up. Quick stop by the express library to pick up some books on hold and we are off to the park with friends. A little late but not too bad! Alex and Ian both read on the way so no book on tape this time.

3-around 5 I think- Play at the park. Lots of running around, a game of hide and seek, lightsabers, and mud sculptures were the name of the game there.

We left there and swung byt the grocery store where I got out with no one crying *bowing*

When we got home I asked them to do something quiet and self contained while I cleaned up the mess I made earlier in the kitchen. Alex read and Ian ate….LOL. We went up for a bath and while the boys played I cleaned the bathroom. I usually either clean or read to them.

Daddy came home as we were getting out of the bath!

While dinner cooked, Alex did his math. We ate, read some more stories-Ian and I did. Alex was too interested in his new library books.- and then went to bed at 8. I fell asleep with the kids. I always do.

To give you the full 24 hours, Ian was up at quarter to 5 and Alex woke up at 5:30.

Field Trip

March 1, 2009

On Friday we went to Rowena’s Bakery. We were allowed to tour the back adn see how she makes the jams adn cakes. It is a cute little place!img_6887This is their tea room. Cute! I was happy that last week they had a Magic School bus gets baked in a cake so it tied in science too 🙂