I was going to try to count up how long Alex reads independently, I read to him, and he reads to me today. I lost count but suffice it to say it is a ridiculous amount.

He usually wanders off at some point in the morning and reads for a half hour or so. He reads in the car, when I am putting Ian down for a nap, and usually in late afternoon he picks up yet another book. I read to him first thing, during meal and snack times (not dinner), bath, and while Ian is asleep. He reads to me daily but it is not for all that long. I may increase it some. I try to read to Ian alone also and he will wander over to listen to those stories.

I sort of panicked today when I started thinking that at some point I will be reading to Ian to ‘teach’ him not just enjoyment. At some point we will study prehistory for example and how in the world am I going to fit that in!? Alex will have his own course of study and because of their age difference I doubt it will be all that similar……thankfully that is a long time away and I am sure it will work out. Makes you wonder how people who have lots of children manage.

I have been thinking a lot about next year, what classes and sports to take. It is hard to find the balance between too much and not enough.


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