Mama said there’d be days like this…….

And when they start out like this you can find me hiding with the laptop and coffee. The kids have been thrown unceremoniously outside. Sometimes I worry what the neighbors think because invariably my children start to whine after a few minutes and I basically ignore them. Do other kids do this? What is not fun about playing outside?

We have been taking a building class this semester. Yesterday, was a cumulative project of sorts where there were to build a city out of recyclables. Here is Alex’s:


It is not a city though. It is a Water and Electricity Plant. Here is a part of the conversation we had (I was helping out in the class):

Alex: “The water goes from here to here and then out through a tube here”

Me: “Would you like to add the tube ?”

A: “No, it is invisible.”

I got that ‘invisible’ line for every addition or detail I suggested. LOL. Gotta love it. It reminded me of that book where the kid draws an invisible sailboat during class or something and the teacher is not impressed. LOL


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