Our Week

This week has been busy. On Monday I Learned a Very Important Lesson. The Lesson I Learned was that Routine is Sacred; Always Follow the Routine. I threw Alex for a loop by doing writing after piano instead of after his break. This threw him off for the whole day and that is never a pretty sight. So I wrote myself a nice, neat schedule.

Tuesday went well. I remembered the lesson ;-). We went to co-op in the morning and then got 2 science kits done plus art! He is really enjoying art and later in the week even asked if he could do some drawing.

On Wednesday we had a field trip in the morning to a bird and flower sanctuary with Alex’s co-op class. It was fun! We got to see a corpse flower, hearts a bustin’, and money trees. There were more but those were my favorite.

On Thursday we went to a corn maze and Friday we made ghosts at Grandmama’s and shot off a rocket at Grandaddy’s (we nearly scrapped the whole thing though b/c we could not get it together but finally just went with our own model which worked just fine). Alex also took a spin on his go cart and gave me quite a start as he was whizzing around. I am not sure I like him not being afraid of that thing.

Saturday we went to a play at a children’s theater in Newport News. I generally like these plays a lot but this one was a little boring. The children were introduced to a few major characters in American History so that was good and after there was a little fair going on so we walked around.

I have been reading a book online about successful homeschooling and it encourages a relaxed “schooling” claiming that all math, for instance, can be learned in 2 years once a child is ready. They acknowledge that one should not (in their opinion of course) let their child go willy-nilly and do whatever he (or she) wants, but instead require plenty of help around the house as well as helping others, small amounts of school, and lots of play time. We are doing a lot more “school-y” stuff this year and I wonder if I am keeping a good balance between making time for free play and school work. For the most part he is enjoying it I think. Some he tolerates.

This week we are definitely going to have to carve out some time to finish his costume.


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  1. Amanda Says:

    I am so enjoying these posts, I love hearing what you all are up to. Plus, you are a great writer.

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