Math Monday

I wanted to have a ‘Math Monday’ every so often-really every Monday but I am not sure that is reasonable. Last week we went to a friend’s and did puddle math and discussed different ways you could measure a puddle. This week we did magic squares courtesy of Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares. I saw it at the library and grabbed it thinking it would be perfect. We did our “regular” math first-1 Alex had already read the book (b/c it took me that long to get to it *roll eyes*) and he thought this was a magic square. He was very excited! We noted the patterns and I broke the news that it was an addition table but that we were going to do magic squares. He insisted on doing the entire page even though that was not what I planned. I am not a fool-would never plan to have him actually write THAT MUCH :p. Anyway, here is a magic square : -2 Cool, huh? Each row, column, even diagonal adds up to the same number! 15 in this case but you can do harder ones with more squares.

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