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November 2, 2009

A rainy and blah Monday but not all bad :-). We got a lot done and still had plenty of time for play. With his play time Alex usually chooses to read, build with legos, or make a complete messdo a science experiment. He likes to make up his own to see what will happen. The problem is, he is using kitchen supplies. Vinegar, baking soda, baking powder,vegetable oil, cornstarch, all in various quantities. *sigh* He does other stuff but those are his favorite free time activities I think.

Math Monday: Candy sort of course! And graph. And then a tricky little logic problem related to Halloween. This is a cool candy experiment site. We might try to do some of these next week. This week our focus is the Guess Science Fair. Lucky for me he wants to do a pretty simple experiment. I asked him where he got it and he said Jake Drake (by Andrew Clements) but he could not remember the result….LOL. He read it a while ago too. Funny the things they remember.

Ian amazes me with the skills he is picking up. He knows a lot, if not all, of his letters! He can count pretty well. He loves to paint and draw and is always looking for his “work”. Shapes and colors are old news. He gets out our Winnie- the- Pooh books and “reads” them to me; it is just too cute! Not to be outdone by his brother or left behind in any way, he also enjoys doing experiments. Today he wanted to play the volcano game and spent quite a while making it explode. He is very active and into everything and it can be a challenge especially when, like today, he did not nap.