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Peer Pressure

October 4, 2008

I will not give in to it. LOL. Seriously, I read that so and so is doing this, her children can do that, this person is going over this curriculum and I start to think I should be doing that. My children could benefit from that.

This is when the panic sets in and if I don’t bring myself down to the real world, I am off floating in inadequacy land.


The truth is A is doing great. He is doing core subjects daily even if it isn’t always part of a curriculum or worksheet. The other day he was stoked to find subtraction bingo. To him, it is all good…..he does not see it as boring at all. On that same line of thought, did you know that if you have a brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast you should curl your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth? Neither did I! But A did and he was able to tell me that when I was writhing pain (hehehe). He learned it from a science show. He never misses an opportunity to let me know the benefits of TV :-). I guess the point is that he picks up new information all the time.

Here are some things we did this past week.

I changed it a little bit but whoever had the most colorful numberbow after 11 turns wins. My clever guy decided then that he should make each square he “landed” on multicolored so there was no doubt which one was the most colorful. He kept this all very hush hush and presented it with great fan fair after our game was over. This, from a kid who hates to color. Check outthe rest of her site; Peggy Kaye has some great games!

I was relieved to see him write more than one sentence which usually consists of “I like the cat” or some such nonsense.
It says “Cruellers are round with bumps. white brown. They look like flowers.

We finished up our science experiments on crystals and started fossils.

We started our math curriculum. We ended up skipping a few activities in the beginning because they were deemed too easy (they really were). I am going to give it a few more weeks and then get something else if isn’t working. I have to be careful though. Truth is I really want this other curriculum so I know I am biased.