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Getting Out of the Way

January 26, 2009

I was thinking a lot about this last week-getting out of Alex’s way. I had several examples in my head, but I have (naturally) forgotten them all except one.

We have not done much on our human body unit except read some books and watch the Magic School Bus (a huge thing though since up until this past week he refused to watch it. I do not know why- he loves the books, just would not watch that show. He has since become a tad obsessed…LOL) but we did make a brain hat which was a lot of fun. I had this idea of how and when we would complete it. Alex was very excited to make it and annoyed that my ideas were not matching up with his. I wanted him to color it different colors for each section and do it after we read about the brain…….he did not want anything to do with all that! I was talking to a friend who pointed out a lot of that is deschooling myself. It is true. I have been trying since then to back off. Here is our finished projectimg_6682 LOL I made my own the way I wanted and so did he 🙂

Ian had his 2nd birthday. I think it is so nice that Alex was able to spend it with his brother instead of being at school during the day. I decided to take the day completely “off” from school and was reminded of how much gets done when I am not even trying. We did some more egg crash tests, read lots of books, played a game that had him reading and using math skills. We went to Hop Skip and Jump in the afternoon and even had dinner out!
Here are his Kitty Cupcakes! Alex and I decorated them.
And for his birthday party, 2 dinosaurs or “roars” as Ian calls them.
img_6701I can not recommend this cake AT ALL. EVER. It was a pain to decorate because you cut the cake and crumbs were everywhere. I felt like I was serving a little cake with the icing….LOL. A mess!)


A Successful Day

September 29, 2008

My dad and brother came over to work on our new addition today. It is wonderful that Alex is around to see and help with the progress they make. They are using all kinds of skills and he gets a chance to bond with family. He hung out with them most of the morning, only taking a break to eat lunch, finish his chores, and do a few “schooly” things.

In the afternoon, we had a minor snafu. Alex really wanted to play Star Wars adn unfortunately his friend was not able to meet up with us at the park. Cue the meltdown. I somehow convinced him to go anyway, and he had a good time. While the mosquitoes dined on me, the boys ran around for a couple hours and even made a few friends. “Recess” at its best.

I have been working on having A read to me every day. Sometimes we read out of a basal reader and sometimes it is real life stuff. Today was the latter. He helped me with preparing dinner by cutting the vegetables (with a “real” knife!) and reading the recipe to me. I am finding that recipes and shopping lists are great platforms for discussing grammar and phonics skills. We had some really tricky words tonight! Ian helped as well with washing the vegetables. What he lacks in skill, he makes up for with his passionate enthusiasm(read: the kitchen was completely flooded but he was happy :-)). Dinner, Veggie Pot Pie, was delicious although my husband thinks it is blasphemy to put anything but apples in a pie crust.

I think I am going to indulge myself with some mindless TV before hitting the sack.