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Math Challenge

March 26, 2009

We got a new Math book- Primary Grade Challenge Math and let me tell you that thing is hard. Alex is really enjoying it! He told me today he loved it because it was challenging. It really makes me wonder if I need to change our math program or skip ahead. At first, he needed me to walk him through the problems but today he figured out many with minimal interference from me. I have been working on keeping my mouth shut and letting him think. He told me last week I did not give him enough time to think. Quite honestly, he was right (***bag over head*****)

We are only doing level one for now; those are hard enough. An example of today’s problem: If apples cost $4 for each pound how much does $1 worth of apples weigh?

He figured it out by figuring a half a pound is $2 and half of that is $1 so it is a quarter of a pound. It was kind of cool because while he was thinking, I was trying to figure out how to draw it and that was not the way I was thinking. I am also pleased because in order to solve the problems he is writing and drawing.

We have been swimming a lot. There is something endearing about watching him flail around in the water. And Ian! He is also loving the pool. He is too cute to watch!